The Truth About Tight And Loose Women

One thing that really seems to spark the debate in the women’s sexual health arena is the tightness of the vagina. Some women have tight vaginas while others have loose ones. You and your sexual partners are the only ones that can truly tell which category you fall into. The biggest problem with this debate is there are many virginity lies. Just because you’ve never had sex before, doesn’t mean you will be tighter than a woman who commonly has sex.

In this how to blog for women over 40 there is a discussion of tightening tricks, techniques, and overall help. A loose vagina can be caused by a few different factors. These include childbirth, the natural process of aging, and rare medical conditions. Having too much sex doesn’t cause a loose vagina. In fact, in How To Keep It Tight Down There it explains why having more sex can make your vagina even tighter. Be sure to take a look.